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 James T Melvin Jr


Hello, welcome to my website

A little about the artist;

My father was an architect and water-colorist and he encouraged me in my artistic pursuits from an early age, however my only technical training was an A.A. degree with an emphasis on 2-D design and painting. Nevertheless. I won a best of show 1981 Seminole Community College and in 1986 received a purchase award from the Sanford chamber of commerce. I have hung in the Prestigious Coco gallery in Titusville and the Mermaid Gallery  in Tarpon Springs and have several paintings in galleries in the Village.

My Methods: I try to apply the critical paranoia system first explored by the surrealists under Andre Breton. My images come in the form of visions  I like to think are sent by the “Big Giant Head”.

In wood sculpture I pretty much see the image in the piece and since I carve live wood instead of prepared blocks my pieces are limited to what I’m working with.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to contact me.

James T Melvin   2012

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