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My father was an architect and water-colorist and he encouraged me in my artistic pursuits from an early age, however my only technical training was an A.A. degree with an emphasis on 2-D design and painting. Nevertheless, I won a best of show 1981 Seminole Community College and in 1986 received a purchase award from the Sanford Chamber of Commerce. I have hung in the Prestigious Coco gallery in Titusville and the Mermaid Gallery in Tarpon Springs and have several paintings in galleries in the Village.

My Methods: I try to apply the critical paranoia system first explored by the surrealists under Andre Breton. My images come in the form of visions  I like to think are sent by the “Big Giant Head”.

In wood sculpture I pretty much see the image in the piece and since I carve live wood instead of prepared blocks my pieces are limited to what I’m working with.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to contact me.

James T Melvin   2012

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Hello if you see something your interested in please contact the Artist at…



Hello if you see something your interested in please contact the Artist at…

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When I was 6 years old when the Cuban missile crisis occurred. The Russians were putting nuclear weapons in Cuba just 90 miles off Florida. JFK gave them 3 days to get the weapons out or we would attack. People were panicked in the streets. In school everyday we would do duck and cover exercises, hiding under our desks. We were told the missiles would take 8 minutes to cross the poles. We were told not to look at a blast as our eyes would melt out. I was 6 years old, It traumatized me severely and I still feel the effects today. These are the paintings I have done to exorcise the demons that still haunt me after 50 years. “Duck and Cover” Series James Melvin

“Duck and Cover ” Series

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